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XV Anniversary - Delivery of the donation to the Amazonia Foundation

XV Anniversary - Delivery of the donation to the Amazonia Foundation


Yesterday, the managing partners of Illeslex Abogados, Guillermo Dezcallar and Javier Blas, handed over to the president of the Amazon Foundation, Doctor Juana Román,  1.340 € collected in the concert that took place on November 23 in the Church of Montesión in Palma.

This concert was part of the program of events developed by Illeslex Abogados to celebrate the XV Anniversary of the firm, and featured the performance of the Choir of the University of the Balearic Islands, under the direction of Joan Company and with Yuko Mizutani and Andreu Riera at the piano and Nina Heidenreich as a violinist.


Guillermo Dezcallar explains that

"at all times we wanted that the celebration of our XV Anniversary had a social focus, we wanted to contribute to support the work done by two entities as wonderful as the Amazonia Foundation and Montisión Solidaris. For this reason, we are proud to have delivered the donation to Doctor Román to support the work they do in favor of children in Latin America. " In addition, "we want to reiterate our gratitude to all the people who accompanied us in the different events we celebrate, and in this case, especially in the concert that took place in the Church of Montesión in Palma Church. It was an exciting evening for the entire team of Illeslex Abogados, for which we are proud of".


The Amazonia Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops cooperation projects aimed at marginalized children and their environment in Latin America. Its priority objectives are to provide children at social risk (street children) with foster homes, food, education, schooling, health services, education in values, professional training, etc. that allow them to improve their quality of life and their incorporation in the future to the labor world. Since its inception, it has participated in International Cooperation in favor of disadvantaged children in developing countries, creating basic health conditions that allow improving the quality of life of this child population.

They have developed cooperation projects in Brazil (Brazilian Amazonia), Central America and Latin America, with the most vulnerable populations, children and adolescents, our priority objective. It is in Bolivia, one of the most impoverished countries in the continent, where the Foundation currently focuses most of its projects and resources, with children of poverty and marginalization as its priority objective.

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