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We are proud to advise a diverse group of clients:

  • National and international clients, interested in investing in Majorca or any other place on the Balearic Islands. From experience, we know that the major component of investment is centred in the residential real estate sector and hotels; this is why real estate and fiscal law are some of our specialities. This, together with our capacity to work in four languages (German, English, French and Dutch), allows us to effectively consult and communicate with our clients.


  • Small and medium-sized Majorcan companies which provide primary, industrial, and other services, seeking to expand, and in some cases, to export their products outside Spain. Our network of “Best Friends” in all Europe, Northern Africa, and Latin America allows us to support these businesses in their process of internationalisation. 


  • The “Start Ups” of entrepreneurs are also favourite clients of the office:The availability and flexibility of our team is very attractive for this kind of client.


  • National or international private persons and companies who need our services in judicial, extrajudicial and insolvency affairs.


ILLESLEX ABOGADOS has an international vocation and is pleased to partake in congresses organized by international attorney associations, such as the International Union of Lawyers based in Paris, the International Bar Association based in London, and the International Association of Young Lawyers based in Brussels.

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