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Bankruptcy Law and Business Restructuring

Legal Services in Mallorca

We give legal advice to our clients, fisical or legal persons, in situations of insolvency and pre-insolvency. In ILLESLLEX ABOGADOS we evaluate the different options offering the best solutions,, extrajudicial (extrajudicial agreements of payment, refinancing ….) or judicial, in order to  give solution or attenuate the consequences of a situation of financial crisis. 

We count of a mutidisciplinary team with wide experience in business restructuring (trial, commercial and labour lawyers and collaborationg economists ), who comply the  purpose to provide an integral legal service.

Specially, we take care of the following aspects:

  • Bankruptcy proceedings. Preparation, processing and legal direction
  • Representation and defence of the bankrupt, creditors or others
  • Performance of the task of administrator in bankruptcy
  • Interventions in the qualification pieces
  • Defence against reintegration actions: defence in legal proceedings that pretend to cancel transactions with bankrupt companies
  • Anticipated agreement proposals, agreement proposals and viability plans
  • Advice on corporate restructuring and reorganization
  • Acquisition or sale of insolvent corporations

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