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International Legal Advisory

In ILLESLEX ABOGADOS working for the internationalization of enterprises.

The international projection of business always occupied an important space in the vision of our office, but in the actual economic environment the necessity to open channels to exterior markets is turning more and more essential. The internationalization of the activity of Spanish corporations is one of the principal guarantees for their growth.

Nevertheless in this new setting of globalization, competitiveness and internationalization it is important to count on a good strategy, a development with guarantees, good advice and qualified professionals like our lawyers

The process of internationalization represents a strategic option with important corporative implications, because it implies to introduce the firm to new markets and new financial, logistic, organizational and human necessities, etc

In our office we count on a specialized legal advice in order to offer solutions to you, both concerning Spanish firms, wanting to go abroad, or foreign corporations, wanting to establish a business in Spain.

We help from Majorca in the development of your internationalization project, in order to make it successful, giving advice according to your necessities, obligations and rights and trying to diminish the legal risks, which any process of internationalization implicates. 

Our international services stand on two essential pillars: A team with international experience and the establishment of relationships of cooperation to international lawyer offices. 

Our specialized team consists in our proper lawyers of the area of international right and external associates, covering all necessary questions for an adequate advice in the process of internationalization. 

On the other hand we have established strategic alliances with lawyers of other countries, covering all those questions, which refer to the local right, permitting to combine the legal know-how of our collaborators in other countries with our capacity of understanding of the international strategy of our clients.

In the international area we offer the following principal services:

  • International commercial law advice, commissioning, (commission, agency, distribution, etc.), constitution of societies, branch offices and district offices
  • Advice in joint -venture operations
  • Advice in fiscal aspects: Fiscal incentives in the internationalization of corporations, obtained income, (double-tax agreements, etc.), VAT in international operations, etc.
  • Advice in foreign commerce

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