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Family and Inheritance Law

Legal Services in Mallorca

Our lawyers in Majorca offer specialised advice in situations of familiy crisis,  prioritizing conciliation and if necessary promoting the adequate contencious solutions.  

Our team takes into account the personal and intimate nature of the matters concerning this area of specialisation. Therefore each case is treated with extreme confidentiality and special sensitivity, trying to minimize the emotional cost.   


  • Marital separation and divorce (by mutual agreement and in litigation) and civil nullity
  • Alimony claims, compensations and execution of verdicts
  • Child guardianship and custody and visitation rights
  • Modification of agreements
  • Filiation and emancipation. Specialized advice on complaint and denial actions of filiation, paternity and maternity, questions of child custody like cessation, prolongation and rehabilitation
  • Civil partnerships (constitution and dissolution).
  • Economic matrimonial regimes (constitution and liquidation) 
  • Default of payment of pensions, failure in compliance of judicial orders, mistreatment and other penal matters
  • Probate procedures. Inheritance processing, relatives’ appeals, testaments, etc. 
  • Special procedures of modifications of capacity and constitution, exercise and cessation of custody. (Guardianship, provisional administrations, legal defence).
  • International law. Families units comprising members from different countries, collaboration with foreign profesionals, etc.
  • Provincial Law of the Balearic Islands: census and allods, legitimes, etc. 

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