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The main residency problems faced by British nationals in Spain

The main residency problems faced by British nationals in Spain


What are the main residency problems faced by British nationals in Spain, and what solutions do you offer in your office?

The main problem is that British nationals now have to resort to the non-EU route to apply for residency. In other words, they have to apply for a regular residence permit in the same way as an American or Japanese citizen, for example, which means more requirements and more complex procedures.

However, from our office we help you to obtain residence permits that speed up the process a lot; such as for example:

  • Non-profit residency, which only requires the possession of sufficient economic means and to be a holder of private medical insurance.
  • The Golden visa or investor visa, if you intend to make or have made an investment in real estate to obtain residency.


Is it easy to obtain the permanent registration certificate?

To obtain the permanent registration certificate you only have to prove that you have been residing in Spain for more than 5 years. They will have to apply for it at the National Police and it will last for 10 years.


Are there any problems for British residents in Spain with access to healthcare?

For the time being, the Spanish health system will treat British citizens as it has until now: passing on the costs to the British health system, provided that they are entitled to it. This point will be maintained if there is reciprocity and the UK pays the costs. Health cards for British citizens will be in force, for the moment, until the end of June.


Is the receipt of parcels and even documentation such as powers of attorney causing problems for British residents and what solutions are there?

Delays due to the bureaucratic chaos in the delivery and unexpected charges are some of the direct effects of Brexit. However, the only thing we can do is to be patient with the receipt of documentation and, above all, plan deadlines in advance.


What requirements must a Spanish law firm meet to advise British residents?

At Illeslex we have extensive knowledge of European legislation and we are familiar with the legal situation at all times for British residents and companies, now and in the future, and we can advise on the correct decisions to be taken at all times, depending on the circumstances of each specific case: tax regimes, residency or changes of nationality, acquisition or sale of property... Our legal advice in all areas can help British citizens who reside or live and work in this country, or plan, after Brexit, either to reside in Spain or work in Spain or, for their part, to acquire property in our country.


Have any difficulties been added to the purchase of property in Spain by a British citizen?

Yes, since now British nationals, like all other non-EU citizens, whether natural or legal persons, who wish to purchase property in the Balearic Islands, will need prior express authorisation from the Ministry of Defence. As a general rule, military authorisation will be required for the acquisition of property on rural properties, with or without buildings, or for works or constructions of any kind. The importance of good planning is clear here, as well as the importance of submitting the application in good time and the necessary documentation in the correct form to avoid further delays or surprises. If this authorisation is not available at the time of signing the public deed of sale, the buyer cannot be registered as the new owner in the Land Registry.



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