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Protocol of action against covid-19 at Illeslex Lawyers

Protocol of action against covid-19 at Illeslex Lawyers



The situation generated by the COVID-19 virus (popularly known in Spain as CORONAVIRUS) has highlighted the fragility, vulnerability and weakness of our society, but it also constitutes a unique opportunity to offer a unitary and forceful response that provides security and tranquility to all members of the Firm, to visitors, relatives and the general population.


We are suffering the consequences of a general lack of foresight that has led to an aggravation of the situation both in the public health aspect and in relation to the economic and social effects of the current health crisis.


At ILLESLEX Lawyers we have to act with force and determination, with civility, solidarity and exemplary to humbly contribute to alleviate the effects of the virus and minimize the consequences.


This Protocol of ILLESLEX Lawyers aims to collect the specific circumstances and actions to be taken to deal with the coronavirus COVID-19, all in strict compliance with the indications, recommendations and advice issued by the health authorities and public administrations of our country.


The Protocol, and the measures contained therein, are mandatory for all people who work at ILLESLEX Lawyers and for people who, for any other reason, are working at the Law-Firm.


Royal Decree 463/2020, of the 14th of March, declaring the state of alert for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19


On Saturday 14TH of March, the Council of Ministers issued Royal Decree 463/2020, declaring the STATE OF ALERT for the management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, entering into force on the same date.


We would like to highlight the following considerations:


  • Professional practice of law. The provision of labor is not prohibited and, in that sense Article 7, which regulates the movement of persons, is clear in authorizing: (c) Travel to the place of work to carry out their work, professional or business activities; and (d) Return to their place of habitual residence"; and Article 10, which regulates the Measures of containment in the field of commercial activity, cultural facilities, recreational establishments and activities, hotel and restaurant activities, and other additional activities";, does not include the professional practice of the legal profession in its list.


  • Remote working (teleworking) is encouraged, provided that its nature and the technical means available to it allow it.


  • Specifically, related to the activity of the law:

o The suspension of procedural and administrative terms is agreed, with the scope and exceptions indicated in the Second and Third Additional Provisions.


o And it is provided, in the Fourth Additional Provision, the suspension of statute of limitations and expiration (the so-called civil terms), in the terms that the rule includes.



Protocol of action in ILLESLEX Lawyers

The Management of Illeslex Lawyers duly advised and with the consensus of employees and professionals, has taken into consideration the above-mentioned points, agreeing to adopt the following measures and making the following considerations:


I. Cessation of face-to-face attention to clients and the general public on the firm's premises.


As a general criterion, and without prejudice to the exceptional causes that may occur, the service provided in the premises of the Law Firm shall be discontinued. Consequently, all agreed meetings and appointments will be cancelled and replaced by remote consultations, using telephone or telematic means, and no new appointments or meetings will be established for the duration of the present situation.


The new opening hours of the Law Firm during the crisis will be from 9:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. without prejudice to other measures that may be adopted and set out below, and with due flexibility aimed at minimizing the health risks known to all.


Those meetings that, due to their nature, cannot be suspended or attended remotely and must be held in person, shall respect the following criteria:


a)    Duration: for the minimum time necessary.

b)    Assistance: those people that are essential.

c)    Development: with scrupulous respect for the prevention measures established or that are being established (distance, use of security elements, etc.).

d)    Advance notice: notifying Top Management and / or Management for the purposes of knowing and disposing of what is relevant, especially since the Firm is not open to the public.


The cessation of the service will be recorded both at the doors of the various offices of the firm, as well as through telephone voice messages and e-mail, in accordance with the texts provided for this purpose by the Management of the office.


The resumption of the provision of services under normal conditions shall be carried out as soon as the situation allows.



II. Provision of services remotely or by telework and in person.

Although it is true that the configuration of the Law Firm allows the development of the activity in conditions of individuality and respect for the safety distance recommended by the health authorities (almost all people have an individual office and can be isolated), the following is agreed:


  1. Those persons who can carry out their work or professional practice by means of activated remote mechanisms that are able, will be able to take advantage of the modality of teleworking. For the effectiveness of this practice, the interested party must have activated in his device the e-mail, the telephone and the connection to the Law Firm by means of a VPN communication. And they must be available, and working, during the established working day. However, if they are required to attend in person, they must come to the Law Firm.
  2. premises of the Law Firm may, under their own responsibility, do so, following the instructions and indications contained in this protocol or any subsequent addenda that may be incorporated.
  3. Those who, due to the nature of their duties, must carry out their tasks at the Law Firm, will attend in person, adjusting their services to the timetable and indications on the subject that are transferred to them.


The professionals and members of the management team will communicate through the appropriate channel (managing partner responsible for the practice area or the Manager) their proposal for consideration and, where appropriate, acceptance for the purpose of making it operational.


The change in the working day regime is exceptional and motivated by the situation that is taking place. The Law Firm may unilaterally cancel any modification if there is a justifiable reason to do so.



III. Use of the Firm's infrastructures.

In the event that the Firm's infrastructures are used and, specifically, in the event of face-to-face meetings or the development of work therein, the instructions included below will be observed, with special scrupulousness in observing all those intended to minimize the risk of contagion.


The shared use of the kitchen is prohibited, so those who choose to eat lunch at the Law Firm must do it individually in the kitchen, or in their own office or dependency. The care and cleaning of the common elements used (dishwasher, refrigerator, sink, etc.) will be extreme.


The meetings are suspended and only those that are essential and with scrupulous respect for the instructions given regarding precautions and safety measures may be held.


Order in the tables and work spaces will be promoted to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection and aeration of the rooms.



IV. Basic measures of personal protection.

These are the measures that all the members of the Law Firm must observe and adopt individually, in case their presence in the office is unavoidable:


a) Maintain social distancing.

b) Adopt respiratory hygiene measures.

c) Wash your hands frequently.

d) Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

e) In case of symptoms, such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, request medical attention, communicate it to the company and stay at home.



V. Preventive measures adopted by ILLESLEX Lawyers regarding the offices and facilities of the Law Firm.

ILLESLEX Lawyers has implemented the following preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus:


  1. It shall be made available to the members of the Antiseptic Gel Dispenser's Office.
  2. The undertaking which cleans the premises must be required to use disinfectant on the whole of the premises and in particular in places of common use such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. At the end of the day, the tables and work spaces must be cleared and free of documentation to facilitate cleaning.
  4. Adequate ventilation of the facilities (opening of windows) shall be promoted both at midday and at night.
  5. IT equipment, both general and personal, shall be reviewed to allow, if necessary or appropriate, for teleworking.
  6. The contact details of the people working in the Law Firm will be updated in order to have the fixed and mobile phones updated, so that the internal communications are fluid and effective.
  7.  The WhatsApp Group of ILLESLEX Lawyers has been reactivated and will be used, together with e-mail, as a means of communicating future measures and decisions that the Law Firm is obliged to adopt as a result of the existing situation.



VI. Operational measures

  1. The resolution of queries by telephone or e-mail will be enhanced so that face-to-face meetings that are held are those that cannot be held at a distance.
  2. In the case of face-to-face meetings, efforts will be made to ensure that only those persons who are essential attend, avoiding the presence of secondary or accessory persons.
  3. The recommended safety distance will be maintained, between 1 and 1.5 meters, and the work spaces (the so-called "safety perimeters") will be respected, avoiding proximity and stress.
  4. For lunch at the Law Firm's facilities, shifts will be established so that no more than two (2) persons coincide in the use of the space provided, remaining only the time necessary for lunch. The facilities shall be kept clean and the kitchen hygienically clean and properly ventilated.
  5. Efforts will be made to limit the meetings that imply displacements or trips promoting the videoconference or the use of the computer means.
  6. A program was launched to organize teleworking, focusing primarily on those with under-age children or dependents in vulnerable situations.


The philosopher Lou Marinoff says that “Human beings have the innate ability to take positive advantage of adverse circumstances” and for this reason, the Management of ILLESLEX Laywers thanks in advance all the members of the Law Firm for their collaboration, commitment and personal and collective involvement in the face of the serious situation we are suffering from, and wishes to express the conviction that together we will get out of it, as we have an exceptional opportunity to strengthen our personal and collective project.


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