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The essential documentation to sell a flat

The essential documentation to sell a flat


  • The deed of sale. If the buyer has lost the document, he can request a copy from the same notary who drew up the deed.
  • A simple informative note from the Property Registry. This report allows the ownership of the property to be checked. It also shows the surface area in square metres, if there is a mortgage in force or if the property is pending foreclosure. It will also show if there is any type of limitation on the property, for example if it is a VPO (State Subsidised Housing).
  • The most recent IBI (Property Tax) payment receipt.
  • The bylaws of the community of owners where the building is located. And, even more importantly, a certificate stating that there are no outstanding payments. This certificate must be signed by the president of the community of owners and validated by whoever is acting as secretary.
  • Name, telephone number and e-mail address of the president of the community.
  • Protocol of the general meeting of owners.
  • Community expenses and bank account number.
  • A certificate of outstanding debt. This certificate is necessary if there is a mortgage on the property. The document is requested at the same bank that granted the loan and must state the exact amount that remains to be paid to cover the total amount borrowed.
  • The occupancy certificate for used or newly occupied housing. This document certifies that the property complies with the parameters of habitability, salubrity and quality required by law to be considered a dwelling. In addition, the certificate of habitability is required to register basic supplies such as water, electricity and gas.
  • An energy efficiency certificate. The presentation of this certificate has been made compulsory by Royal Decree 235/2013, of 5 April. The seller of the property must include the energy efficiency label in the advertisement and the buyer must provide the label and the certificate.


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