Social Responsibility

In ILLESLEX ABOGADOS we want that our social responsibility is reflected with our contributions to the society. 

As a result of our values and ethics as an organization, we have committed ourselves to take into consideration the environmental, social and economic impacts that our professional activity is generating.

In this way, we foster several initiatives with internal (in our organisation) and external (in the society) repercussion.

Commitment with our team

We have adopted several measures to facilitate the conciliation of the personal and professional life of our workers regardless of gender and without detriment to the responsibility towards the client and the entrusted matters.

We also guarantee the compliance and control of the workplace health and safety measures, the professional development and information of our lawyers and the health control.

Commitment with the environment

In the area of contribution to the environmental sustainability, we have fostered several measures to reduce the consumption and improve the energy efficiency, such as double-sided printing equipment, selective collection of waste, paper and toner re-cycling, destroy of confidential paper, efficient lightning in our offices, investment in new technologies reducing significantly the use of paper, etc. 

Equity policy

We promote equal treatment of persons regardless their gender, race, religion or ideology. For this reason we watch over the compliance of the requirements established in the LO 3/2007 of 22th of March for the efficient equality between women and men in issues such as conciliation of the personal and professional life, professional promotion, staff configuration, training and remuneration. 

Collaboration with non-profit organizations

The partners participate actively in different non-profit organizations.

Guillermo Dezcallar 

He sponsors the EDUARDO BONNÍN AGUILÓ FOUNDATION. It is a civil foundation whose aim is to preserve the memory of Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló, the founder of the Courses of Christianity, a lay catholic movement recognised as such by the Vatican and with presence in the five continents.   

He is the representative in Spain and sponsor of the STIFTUNG FÜR KUNST & KULTUR FOUNDATION, a private foundation with seat in Bonn (Germany) and more than 25 years of existence, dedicated to organize high international level cultural and artistic events. The foundation manages one of largest contemporary German art collections in the world. It further holds one of the biggest German museums, the MKM MuseumKüppersmühle, in the German city of Duisburg.

It also maintains important international collaborations and has organized exhibitions in China, in the museum Reina Sofía in Madrid, in Salzburg and three events in Majorca (CHINAART 2004, AnselmKiefer 2010 and Gilbert & George 2013)

Javier Blas 

He is the president of the Association of Former Students of the College Nuestra Sra. de Montesión (the eldest secondary school of the world carried out by the Jesuits), entity  filed in the registry of social services and in the registry of legal entities of the Balearic Government, which channels diverse humanitarian activities.

By means of the personal contributions of the former students the Association it pretends to promote a climate of freedom and solidarity, the dignity of the human beings, understanding and co-operation between men and women and guide the society to fairer attitudes.

Actually the Association is developing different projects, such as “Food and Solidarity”, whose main goal is to provide food assistance to those residents in Majorca, who are in a temporary need situation.

Thanks to the networking with other entities, such as Caritas and the Red Cross it has been possible to expand the initial mission of the project providing integral assistance realizing other activities, such as collection and distribution of children’s clothes, distribution of toys and social and labour re-integration workshops. 


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