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Law of climate change and energy transition

Law of climate change and energy transition


The Plenary Session of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands approved on Tuesday, February 12, Law 10/2019, of February 22, on Climate Change and Energy Transition, although it will not come into force until May 2, 2019.

Bearing in mind that the Balearic Islands is the Autonomous Community with greater external energy dependence and less implementation of renewables, it is a pioneering Law at both the State and European level, which places the Balearic Islands at the forefront of the transition to clean energies.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Law contemplates a series of measures aimed at achieving a rational use of energy, using efficient systems and seeking maximum savings. Among others, it is appropriate to highlight the following:


  1. Regulatory requirements and additional values ​​will be set to the minimums foreseen in the basic state legislation on energy efficiency, which must be complied with by newly built buildings and reforms and rehabilitations of existing ones.
  2. The new buildings that are built should be buildings with almost zero energy consumption.
  3. The additional information that the energy efficiency certificates of new buildings and existing ones must be incorporated when they are required, will be established by regulation. The energy efficiency certificates must include information on the energy expenditure of the building and a minimum of three proposals for improving energy efficiency.
  4. All the buildings or units of these that have installations with a nominal installed thermal power higher than 70 kW or a contracted electrical power higher than 100 kW, must have energy management plans.
  5. In cases where an energy efficiency certificate is required, the first occupation license cannot be granted to new buildings without previously having it duly registered.
  6. Also in cases in which an energy efficiency certificate is required, the technician's final work certificate may not be granted for rehabilitation works, for reform or change of use of existing buildings without previously having it duly registered.
  7. Now, points 5 and 6 above will not apply to municipal licenses for works, first occupation, rehabilitation works, reform or change of use and obtaining and inscription of the energy efficiency certificate previously requested to the entry into force of the law.


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