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ILLESLEX performs a due diligence express in which the main details of any building are collected and especially a study about its legality is analyzed or, where appropriate, the possibilities for its legalization, considering the latest and current laws which have to be applied in each case. The purchase of a property on rural land, for example, in many cases raises the problem of buildings constructed without municipal license. In these cases we study their legality, or whether legalization is possible.

At the same time we study the existence of liens or encumbrances that may encumber the property. This is important information that directly affects the value of the property. Equally important is to become aware of possible discrepancies between the physical, registration and cadastral reality of the property.

We recommend our clients prior to the signing of any private agreement and especially delivery amounts of money, to entrust Illeslex Abogados with the study as the study of a case of purchase can conclude that it is not is advisable.

With regard to estate agents, we can say clearly that the offer of properties of first category, with a great location, but no prior knowledge of their legal status may be a significant opportunity cost for the real estate agency and be detrimental to the image and professionalism of the brand. We can also add a big waste of time, resources, efforts and advertising, etc. So, to try to resolve the existing legal issues before marketing a property not only saves time but also an improved service and benefit of the professionalism and prestige of the brand.

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